Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for: Thick skin, tender heart

Writers must realize that rejections galore from agents and editors are only business, not a personal kind of thing. We grow thick skin, impervious to the sting of the form rejection. Mighty, tough.

Also, we write words sweet enough to bring a tear to Satan's eye. Tender, empathetic.

Mighty, tough, tender, and empathetic. I should also add that we writers are quirky, delusional and frequently not all together sane individuals.

And when we gather together as a pack, well, it`s not for the weak.


  1. Good one Maggie. And something I definitely need to work on--getting a thicker skin. :)

  2. Thick skin helps, realizing it's a very opinionated and subjective world helps, too. It's okay if a rejection stings a little bit. That shows you value your work. But you must honor it as well, by not letting it die until its journey is over.