Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I is for: I think I need a minute here...

I'm glad I'm A to Zing. It's my first time, and I find it stimulating. This challenge has gotten me to work on my blog, read and comment on the fabulous blogs of others, and it commits me to writing. All good things. I understand more about the pros and cons of Blogger and Wordpress, too. But, you know how sometimes you think you understand how something works only to find you actually don't have a clue? Today I'm facing the truth: I haven't been paying attention to Google+, and I don't get it.

Of course, anyone reading this is shaking his or her head, wondering how I can be so confused about this. I know. A mystery to me, too.

This means I have to take the time read all about it, whip my Google+ into shape. Create my profile. Take a look at the circles I may be in. Circle up my friends and family. Come on, Maggie. You can do this!


  1. I feel you completly! I am just getting a hang of expanding into Google+ myself and learning about all the nuances that my blog has. Glad to know I am not the only one!

  2. Hi Maggie, I have to smile - I'm in the same boat. What do I know about social media? Zilch, zero .. and Google+ has me beat.
    So kind of you to comment on the GofE blog; much appreciated! I see Susan Schwartz responded.

    Garden of Eden Blog

  3. Maggie, I just got into Google+ a few weeks ago -- so far the only circle I have is "friends" and that's where I'm putting everyone. I need to keep it simple...

  4. I need a bunch of "I Need a Minutes", and google+ is one of those. (and fly fishing time, too, though I got some yesterday!) I say take your time, get your minutes when you can. Those who are important to you will know how/where to find you!

  5. Oh Maggie, I'm in the boat right beside you. Google+ and Twitter are both on my list of "wanna know" but haven't taken the time to. Maybe after this month is over. :)

  6. I'm right there with you on the Goggle+. But with FB starting to limit what posts we see now, I'm thinking of expanding into other social media worlds. I do have a twitter account, which I check every month or two whether I need to or not lol
    Love the picture of the dog meditating!!