Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for: Sister Time

I'm very fortunate to have sisters that are also my friends. We're six different women, in a variety of sizes, shapes, and view points, aged 53 to 66. I don't get to see them all at once very often, but treasure my time with any of them.

Here we are at my niece's wedding in 2011.
I'll match us up for you, numbering us by age, with 1 as oldest (me)

This picture: 5   4   3   1   2   6

This picture is us in 1962.
4   3   2
     6   5

Interesting what time changes in a person, but we're still young on the inside and laugh and play together every chance we get.


  1. You're lucky! I envy people who have sisters.


  2. I love that you and your sisters are still young at heart and play together. That is family, that is love, that is happiness. Congrats to you and your siblings.

  3. oh wow what a great time growing up you must have had!

  4. Six girls? Your poor father! lol! There were three girls in my family, we lived in a house with one bathroom, and my dad was always the last to use it. We each did most of our primping in our room though. Having sisters is certainly a treat. :)