Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for: Offensive

Funny how something said or seen can be hilarious to one person and deeply offensive to the next. Television, with its eclectec programming, is a very good example of where this happens. I've always considered myself to be open-minded with a good, though often irreverent, sense of humor. Certainly not a prude. Oh, no. But, lately I've been thinking maybe I'm wrong.

Different people in the same house may as well be from two different planets when it comes to how they view the world. Shows that feature insulting and degrading people, collectively or individually, is not something worth watching to me. I don't see programs that do little more than discredit the beliefs of others as necessarily telling the world the TRUTH we all need to know. Negative, misogynistic, racial slurring, stand up comedy. Jokes that feature ageism, fatism, any ism you can think of, is not hysterical to everyone. It. Just. Isn`t. Maybe it is true that I "don't get social commentary".

No, I'm not in favor of censorship, just the right of each person to view the world through his or her own lens without feeling that they're wrong.

Sorry if I've offended anyone out there. Feel free to click delete.


  1. I completely agree with this. I remember being the only person in my group who didn't love a very popular sit-com, but one of the characters pushed all my buttons and it just wasn't worth it to watch what everyone else was watching. I'm probably too strict with my kids, but they'll have plenty of time to make their own decisions. Stopping by from a to z.

  2. We either walk, or walk on eggshells. I choose to walk and let things be. The rest seems like judgments anyway. Who needs them?

  3. That's one of the reason I no longer watch sitcoms. I'm sure there are some wonderful ones out there, but too often they denigrate into insult-fests.

    It's funny. These things used to not bother me so much.

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

  4. It is difficult to completely avoid offending anyone because everyone is so different as you say. And what offends someone now, may not offend at all later. Seems we all just have to be as considerate as possible while staying true to ourselves. Easier said than done I suppose ;)

    Hello from a fellow A to Z! Have a great month!

  5. Not much offends me, I guess. It's simply a matter of what I choose to watch or not. And I'm trying to take Chuck's advice from the conference and NOT watch. :)

  6. It does seem like they scream "be tolerant," but they aren't tolerant if I disagree with them. Great post.