Tuesday, April 8, 2014

H is for: High Hopes

My writing buddy and I spend a lot of time together at my desk. We still have hopes my writing will be successfully published and enjoyed- high hopes. What I`m considering right now is whether to retrieve my finished novels from their captivity, sharpen them up, and go with an independent publisher. Or maybe I should just chase agents and traditional publishers until the end of my days.

I will seek advice from those experienced with independent publication. I self-published years ago through an established print on demand because I wanted my novel based on Internet safety issues to get out there. I don`t regret doing this. I sold and donated books and got them to many who needed to read this story to illustrate how easily a child can get into a bad situation. Mission accomplished.

Things have changed in publishing since then, and so have I. In spite of my more realistic attitude, I still hope, but now I know that hope sometimes needs a little help.

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