Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q if for: Quandary

To go with independent publishing, pray tell, to release my precious words from their drawer prison and into the world lest they perish, unread, unloved? A quandary of biblical proportions, I say.

Does my traditional-publication-only mindset put me in a confusing yet unquestionably crappy room within my personal mansion of manuscripts and uncertainty?

Answers, solutions, come to me from whence you be.

Not knowing what to do here really sucks.


  1. Go with what feels right and understand the different paths, obstacles, chances to learn and growth that each one offers. Pursue both (or investigate both) at the same time and then follow that which feels best for you. (Remember that part!) If your words need to get out of the drawer, they (and you) will find the right way to do so.

  2. You can have the best of both worlds, Maggie (called hybrid authors). Indie-publish one book, write another and try for an agent/traditional publisher...or vice versa. The obstacle to self-publishing is the up front expense of editing, cover art, formatting assistance if needed, and POD print copies. And you don't even have the POD expense if you stick to e-books. The biggest is time. You need to be out there, especially online, promoting your work and getting reviews (but this also applies to traditional publishing these days). There's no longer a stigma attached to self-publishing, but you have to do it right to make sure you have a quality product.

  3. I was struggling with the same uncertainty until I took a class Kerrie offered and learned more about the pros/cons, in's/out's of both. Decided to independently publish my first and see where it goes from there. I agree with Dean and Pat, there's benefits and drawbacks to both, it's a matter of what appeals to you right here, right now. The next you may choose a different route. And that's the beauty. We're not stuck with one or the other. :)