Monday, March 31, 2014

Tale of two blogs

What's worse than creating a blog and not taking the time the write on it? How about having two blogs and neglecting them both. And forgetting there were two of them. I'm lucky I haven't been turned in to Blog Protection Services.

I figured out I could eliminate this one, printed it up to keep the posts, found and clicked on 'delete this blog.' Okay, good decision. With a bit of creative excitement, I went to the other blog, Soul to Page. I clicked on the dashboard to actually post, when what to my wondering eyes should appear a message stating I had no blogs. Uh-oh. Did I delete the wrong one? No. Could I access Soul to Page? Yes, but I had no way to make any changes or post. Long story short, I signed in and out of accounts and did all suggested tasks to no avail. Fortunately, I was able to resurrect this blog. So, here we are. Welcome back to A Word Girl.

I attended the Northern Colorado Writers Conference this past weekend and am one recharged writer. Much of what I learned or re-learned requires posting stat.

Please come back soon.


  1. I hope you keep writing on this blog! I always enjoy having the ability to peek into other people's creative process. I hope you are still working on the book with the female aspie teen protagonist!


    1. Thanks, Kristen. I have every intention of finishing this book.

  2. A conspiracy afoot to help you focus 'cos your writing is on fyah! :) Enjoyed reading your posts. LOL